SSF Glasgow KiltWalk 2015 Case Study

With the tagline of ‘Walking for Scotland’s Children’ it seemed an automatic match for Scottish Sports Futures when the Kiltwalk came across our paths.

As our programmes are all focussed in areas and communities in need, are about sport as a tool to break down barriers; to provide inspiration and having young people at the heart of everything we do, it just made sense to get involved with such a fantastic charity to raise money for Scottish Charities supporting children.


Active Champs in Balloch, Danielle, Melissa, Ciaran, Eddie, Jacqueline and Daryl


Initially, as there are so many young volunteers engaged in our programmes the feeling was that becoming Kilties and volunteering to support the walk would be the obvious choice. However when given the opportunity of walking, supporting the pitstop of volunteering for the event the young people chose either walking, performing or running the pitstop. What is especially amazing is the reasons they gave. They are committed to sharing the work and ensuring access to SSF programmes; they wanted a challenge to push themselves and to raise money, they also wanted to demonstrate what can be achieved by being active. True role models. In the run up to the event SSF young people got out training with families and friends round the local area and asked them for sponsorship but they didn’t stop there; they got involved in a sponsored Aerobathon to raise money and awareness, they went out on Easter Sunday to collect money at a Glasgow Rocks game and during the Easter break entertained shoppers with basketball challenges on a hot and busy day at Braehead to support fundraising. They are true champions and wanted to share their experiences and stories of their own Kiltwalk experience.


Nicole McCurry

Nicole with dancers at pitstop at Clydebank

Nicole McCurry Active Champion with Tollcross YMCA who brought her dancers to perform at our SSF pitstop said: “Can I just say a massive thank you to all my girls for turning up yesterday an all the supportive parents we had there as well!! And a huge thank you to Angela White for helping organize this day out for everyone I appreciate every single child and parents help in the classes and their attendance as this would not be made possible without all of you guys!! Having my own dance class has been my dream job since I was old enough to know what a job was and without a lot of you guys this would not be possible”.


team selfie

Eddie, Ciaran, Daryl and Jacqueline in Hampden

Daryl Campbell, self-confessed King of the Selfie, 18 from Wellhouse in East Glasgow, got to Hampden and realised he had left his phone in the taxi. After the walk he stated: “I felt a bit sad that I lost my phone but then I remembered what I was doing to change lives and after the walk I felt emotional. After hours on end I feel that I have walked 500 miles but only walked 26, thanks to the kilt walk and active east we are raising money for Scotland’s children”

Jacqueline Anderson, became an Active Champion after being part of the closing ceremony at the Commonwealth Games, she said: “The kilt walk was a great experience and doing it for such a good cause was really brilliant, everyone was so encouraging as a team and being able to share it with such a great group of active champs and mentors was amazing, would definitely do it again”

eddie kilt

Eddie in his Kilt.

Eddie Fitzpatrick said about the Kiltwalk: “This was a struggle walking 26 miles straight but after completing this there was a big sense of achievement and in my opinion this was only possible with people around me supporting me on everyone encouraged one another throughout the whole walk, and this will be a life time achievement and hopefully the start of many achievements like this”!

The tagline for legacy for the Commonwealth games was legacy does not happen to you. In the same breath these special young people, who raised thousands of pounds for Scotland’s children and who are already signing up for walks in other cities say this. “Be the change” Be the change that you want to see, together we can help tackle health inequalities, tackle poverty, provide opportunities and make a real difference. We look forward to continuing work with the Kiltwalk and supporting our young people to help shape this relationship.