Active East Small Grant Case Study: Reidvale Youth ‘N’ Action

Lead Organisation: Reidvale Youth ‘N’ Action (RYNA)

Partner Organisation: Scottish Sports Futures Twilight Programme

Activity: Weekly Basketball Sessions

Participants: 20-30

Active Champions: Si Yuan Guo, Aaron Juanatas, Precious Jamies-Miene, Ahmed Mumin,

RYNA applied for an Active Small Grant at the start of 2013 to run weekly basketball sessions on a Tuesday evening at Whitehill School. The sessions were not well attended in the beginning. Just before the summer of 2013, 4 Active Champions completed their Basketball Getting Started Course and were linked in to support the sessions. They took the hall by storm and had such enthusiasm and drive the numbers started hitting 20-30 on a weekly basis. The Active Champions would deliver warm up sessions, play a game and then split the group for those wanting to work on more advance coaching and those wanting to participate in basic drills. Active Champion Si Yuan, who takes the lead  said “I am loving the sessions, the kids all take it seriously we split them into two groups, one group who are more advanced like to play games and learn new drills and the other group likes to have fun and participate “ .

Si Yuan BBall

Scottish Sports Futures programme Shell Twilight had a session nearby at Haghill, the numbers were dwindling and they decided to finish up and link the remaining participants in to the Tuesday evenings at Whitehill School. Through this opportunity Twilight supported the Active Champions to develop their skills and experience with an Ambassador Programme. The sessions gained more of a club structure, building the capacity to sustain the sessions. An identity was created in the ‘Whitehill Wolves’ which allows them to take part in organised games. Active Champion Precious said “There is a lot more structure and organisation now that we are a club and we can play games. The hardest thing was coming up with a name.”

2014-01-21 19.32.37

Now 2 years on in 2015 the sessions continue to grow with an average of 30-40 participants and all 4 Active Champions have undergone their UKCC Level 1 in Basketball Coaching and are supporting the main Twilight coach. They have had opportunities to shadow other coaches across various sessions to help them continue to grow and develop their own skills.

Active Champion Joshua is happy to have been supported into basketball coaching and has recently secured a 25 hour paid post with Scottish Sports Futures. He said “I am keen to continue volunteering and I am going to do everything I can to get Coach of the Year at the Awards Night”.

This is a great example of how the small grant programme can attribute to all 3 of the Active East themes:

Active – Creating a community of young people who enjoy the physical, mental and social benefits of an active lifestyle

Inspiring – Providing opportunities for young people to expand their skill set, confidence and aspirations

Building – Creating the capacity, skills and understanding within the community to ensure that the impact of Active East is sustained