Ambassador of the Month

We are delighted to announce that the Ambassador of the month award for September goes to Irvine’s Declan MacDougall.

“I am thrilled to have won the award and feel even better about bringing hopefully the first of many to Irvine as I continue to achieve my goals and help at my Twilight session”. Declan MacDougall

Declan’s Mentor, John Bell, had this to say; “I believe Declan to be the perfect example of what the ambassador program can achieve.

He has went from being withdrawn and very selective about his interactions to being involved and open with everyone in the session. It is my firm belief that this has also helped Declan excel outside of the sessions and now become not only an active participant in this basketball group but out in the wider community. Declan is a credit to himself, his family, this session and the Shell Twilight Basketball/SSF program”.

Shell Twilight Basketball Coaches/Mentors Orrin McNaughton, John Bell along with Declan MacDougall and fellow ambassador Jamie McDougall.