Callum Campbell-11 months with SSF

During my time with SSF I have had the opportunity to do loads of great stuff including:

Helping fare with the legacy games training. I got the opportunity to go out to 5 different primary schools and deliver training on activities like the long jump and the relay race. On the day of the actual event there was over 1000 young people there the event took place in the emirates and had schools from all over Glasgow taking part. The event was a success and I look forward to helping again at it next year.

I have also been helping coach at Sports tots on a Friday at Crown Point with Budhill Football Club. I have been enjoying it and am currently still doing it from 11 until 12 each week. Billy takes the football side of it and I take the basketball side and get the young people used to basic skills like catching and bouncing a ball.

Before the summer holidays I was also doing a Rocks Community Club (RCC) at the YMCA for Jump2it which was a basketball session for children with learning difficulties I taught them the basics of basketball and then let them play games this session went really well and everyone taking part enjoyed themselves and was interested in learning as much as possible about basketball.

I successfully applied for college and start on the 28th of August to do an NC games and sports course. This is a yearlong course and I hope to move on to the next level after I complete my first year at college. During my year at college I have to go out on work experience for a week and I want to come back to SSF to do my work experience as I will know my in and outs of the organisation.

I have learned a lot during my time with SSF and continue to learn more every day and it has helped me realise that I hope to gain a full time job doing something similar. I will get my qualifications then apply for similar jobs to the role I had at SSF.