Callum Campbell – My first three months with SSF

I have been working with Shell Twilight Basketball for the last three months. During my time with Twilight I have had the opportunity to try a variety of different tasks.

In September I attended the ambassador residential where I got the opportunity to build up my coaching skills. Everyone who wanted to take a turn of coaching got the chance. I tried a drill with my group and this really helped my confidence as everyone gave me feedback on how I could improve rather than looking at the negatives. While at the residential I met Sarah Hutton who is the head coach at the Wellhouse session, she asked me if I would like to go to Wellhouse on a Friday and build up my coaching skills. I have been attending the session for a while now and last week even got the chance to take the younger group for a session where I used a pre prepared session plan. I ran the session plan past Martyn and Peter to make sure it was suitable I also ran it past Sarah when I arrived at the session.

In October Martyn and I helped at the Reidvale outdoor tournament where I got to take part in the tournament as one team was a player short. I also helped at the National Tournament at the PEAK Stirling which was attended by 250 young people. I helped the rest of the Twilight team set up the night before then on the day of the tournament I took a team from Nairn who had no coach. With a little help from Twilight Ambassador Greg, I thought it went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was good to see everyone enjoying themselves knowing how much hard work everyone from Twilight put in to make it a success.

After the tournament I took responsibility putting the evaluation surveys into survey monkey which gives us a rough idea of what things people enjoyed from the tournament and what to include at the next one. Also after the tournament I sorted through photos, picking the best ones and deleting any photos that had multiple copies. I then created a Facebook photo album and posted the photos I thought were the best

I also started doing my SVQ work which I do on a Monday. Kirsty from FARE comes in on a Thursday to talk me through the questions that I have to do the following Monday, I find the SVQ work challenging but Jim who manages the MEND programme has made it easier for all the modern apprentices by getting us to do it together so if we are struggling we can help each other or ask Jim as he has spoken to FARE and knows ways to help us if we are struggling. This has increased my confidence about doing my SVQ as I am not the only person in the office doing the work.

I have enjoyed my first three months with SSF with the highlight being the residential as it was the first time I got to meet the ambassador’s as well as Twilight coaches from across Scotland Callum, Laura, Sarah and Andrew. I am looking forward to the different tasks I will face in the remainder of my time with SSF.      ardoch-resedential-jpg-2 ardoch-resedential