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It is with sadness that we have said goodbye to our founding CEO, Ian Reid, who, after over 18 years of dedicated hard work has grown the charity to the success it is today.  We wish him well in his chosen retirement.

Exciting times are ahead with our new appointment of CEO, namely Pam Hunter.  Pam, originally born in Glasgow, comes back home after 20 years away.  She comes with a breadth of experience in both the private and voluntary sectors, is educated in leadership to MBA level and has volunteered in counselling and charity boards.  Her spare time is filled with sport at any opportunity.

Pam Hunter said:

“I am really excited and thrilled to be starting this position and look forward to working with a great team.  Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy physical activity and get the life affirming benefits derived from it.  Our duty is to make this available to all young people across the length and breadth of Scotland.”

Charles Cormack, Chair said:

“This is a time of mixed emotions, with a sad farewell to Ian and an excited welcome to Pam.  After a rigorous recruitment process, Pam rose to the top.  We look forward to the future leadership Pam will bring to SSF with confidence”

ETC is now SCQF accredited in partnership with Glasgow Kelvin College at levels 4 and 5 –  Please see below the modules which are now accredited;

Working With Young People In Sport

Human Connection

Benefits Of Sport and Physical Activity


Goal Setting

Conflict Resolution

There will be more information coming out soon about the launch of this, however if you have any queries please do let us know by emailing

Refuweegee – How you can help!

Refuweegee is a community-led charity set up to ensure that all refugees arriving in Glasgow are welcomed to the city in true Glaswegian style.

Their aim is to provide every Refuweegee who arrives in the city with a community built welcome pack. Each pack will contain three categories of items; essentials, Glasgow welcome and ‘letters from the locals’ and as a result of the final category, each pack will be completely individual.


‘Letters from the locals’ are the heart and soul of the packs. These can be in the form of postcards, letters or post it notes, as long as the words are welcoming and kind then it’s what they’re looking for. These letters could also be used to advertise the programmes and free activities your organisation can offer to them.

Help Refuweegee to make sure that upon arrival in Glasgow people are left in no doubt as to their acceptance, their safety and their future. Write your letter today and drop it into any Oxfam store in Glasgow where you will find a Refuweegee drop box or post it to; Refuweegee, PO Box 7639, GLASGOW, G42 2HD.

Visit for more information.

StreetGames Fit & Fed Campaign – Get involved!

StreetGames are asking organisations from across Scotland and the wider UK to join in their Fit and Fed campaign.

Fit & Fed aims to tackle 3 main things that impact on our children and families who are most in need during school holiday periods: holiday hunger, isolation, and inactivity.  Research shows that 60% of families with an annual income of £25,000 can’t always afford food during the holidays, and families on less than £15,000 report a ‘constant struggle’.

StreetGames Scotland manager Ian Crawford said ‘School holidays are supposed to be a fun time of the year, but for a generation of children from low income families growing up in Scotland it isn’t. Children are isolated because there is no free activity programmes on offer, and they are at risk of going hungry because there are no free school meals’.

StreetGames are in the process of creating a Glasgow Fit & Fed HUB which aims to tackle this issue by bringing together a range of organisations including local community organisations, academics, retailers, businesses, food charities and community food providers.

Organisations that join the campaign are offered a range of support including fundraising support, free training and networking opportunities.

Anyone interested in joining the campaign should contact Ian Crawford on or call 07930816040.

ETC Resource – Judo Workbook Programme

The Girl’s Judo programme is keen to develop female coaches and volunteers, as well as increasing female participation in Judo. This approach has proven successful resulting in a 5% increase in female membership across 8 -15 year olds from the 4 initial club projects.  In 2016 a further 2 clubs were added to the initial batch resulting in six Girl’s sessions running over the 20 week period. With strong partnerships now formed by JudoScotland, Youth Scotland, Scottish Sport Futures & Ng Home the programme is heading towards continued growth. The success of the West of Scotland Programme has also led to the development of five more pilot female participation judo initiatives in the East of Scotland.

The sessions, developed from an award winning pilot, focus on physical movement similar to dance, introducing judo gradually to maximize engagement. Fully understanding that competing is not for everyone the judo classes ensure a learning environment incorporating workshops to encourage Health and Wellbeing, Cooking and Healthy Snacks, Internet Safety, Team building, Active Citizenship & Bullying.  These workshops are fantastic and ETC are now very lucky to offer ETC participants the workshop programme which they can then take activities from to use within sports sessions.  To view the workbook programme register online for an ETC course and once you have completed the course thyou can view this in post-course material!!!

Shell Twilight Basketball launches in Irvine

Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Shell Twilight Basketball programme at the brand new Portal facility in Irvine funded by and in partnership with North Ayrshire Alcohol & Drugs Partnership.  75 young people attended the official launch night and the investment will allow local young people to be involved in the unique experiences on offer through the Shell Twilight initiative. This comes after the success of the programme launched in Dalry in 2016. One of the unique aspects of the programme saw Glasgow Rocks professional players Bantu Burroughs & Boris Matrakov attend the launch night to share their life experiences, run some professional training drills & answer questions from the young people.


Sgt Tony Harkin who chairs the Communities and Preventions sub group of the North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership commented on the initiative; “Young people in North Ayrshire regularly receive inputs on alcohol and drugs in a more formal school setting. Shell Twilight Basketball has given us the opportunity to reinforce these messages in a more relaxed environment. By taking advantage of the “educational timeouts” built into the sessions, Police Scotland and our partners have been able to deliver safety talks to the young people in the group. We have used Locality officers to deliver these as well as “lived experience” talks by a person in recovery. The feedback from these has been overwhelmingly positive”

Over 250 young people attend FREE Shell Twilight programmes every Friday night which aim to keep young people off the streets, get them active and through the unique educational time out system, help them make positive lifestyle decisions away from drugs, alcohol and smoking.  As well as promoting teamwork activities, goal-setting and confidence-building, young people are also supported into training, volunteering and employment.  Shell Twilight Basketball is delivered by qualified local coaches, volunteers from Ayrshire College and youth workers from North Ayrshire Youth services who will provide weekly educational inputs. Every session contains high energy basketball coaching which is designed to ensure that first and foremost the participants enjoy their time and have a positive experience of physical activity and they don’t need any experience of the sport to come along. The focus is very much on fun and young people having something positive to do on a Friday night.


Mark Gallagher, Lead Officer, North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) commented on the partnership: “The ADP is delighted to be supporting the Twilight programme within North Ayrshire. By making a financial contribution this positive initiative will support engagement with our young people in order to raise awareness of risky behaviour whilst promoting opportunities to engage in physical activity. The ADP has been working effectively in partnership with Scottish Sports Futures for the past 5 years through delivery of the Jump2It programme within primary schools. The launch of Twilight is another excellent development in relaying these important messages that will have a positive impact on the lives of young people and their local communities. The ADP approach within North Ayrshire takes account of the whole population, not just those people who are dependent on alcohol or substance use. One of our four key priority areas within our strategy is prevention, which aims to increase awareness and attitudes of substance use that will reduce the overall level of addiction related problems.” Further information about the work of the ADP can be found at


SSF Programme Manager Sean Brady said: “We are delighted to be able to bring another Shell Twilight Basketball session to North Ayrshire and the response from young people so far has been phenomenal. The commitment of North Ayrshire Youth Services has been integral to the success of the programme in Dalry and we are excited to deliver this programme in partnership with the team in Irvine.


SSF will work a range of partners to ensure the programme benefits as many young people as possible including North Ayrshire Youth Services, Active Schools, KA Leisure, Basketball Scotland, Ayrshire Tornadoes, Police Scotland and Glasgow Rocks.


Shell Twilight Basketball is also supported by title sponsors Shell and the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities, which takes funds recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into free activities and programmes for young people across Scotland.


Shell Twilight Basketball runs at The Portal every Friday between 6-9pm. It is FREE to attend and open to all young people aged 11-21.  Please see for more information or contact