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Callum Campbell-11 months with SSF

During my time with SSF I have had the opportunity to do loads of great stuff including:

Helping fare with the legacy games training. I got the opportunity to go out to 5 different primary schools and deliver training on activities like the long jump and the relay race. On the day of the actual event there was over 1000 young people there the event took place in the emirates and had schools from all over Glasgow taking part. The event was a success and I look forward to helping again at it next year.

I have also been helping coach at Sports tots on a Friday at Crown Point with Budhill Football Club. I have been enjoying it and am currently still doing it from 11 until 12 each week. Billy takes the football side of it and I take the basketball side and get the young people used to basic skills like catching and bouncing a ball.

Before the summer holidays I was also doing a Rocks Community Club (RCC) at the YMCA for Jump2it which was a basketball session for children with learning difficulties I taught them the basics of basketball and then let them play games this session went really well and everyone taking part enjoyed themselves and was interested in learning as much as possible about basketball.

I successfully applied for college and start on the 28th of August to do an NC games and sports course. This is a yearlong course and I hope to move on to the next level after I complete my first year at college. During my year at college I have to go out on work experience for a week and I want to come back to SSF to do my work experience as I will know my in and outs of the organisation.

I have learned a lot during my time with SSF and continue to learn more every day and it has helped me realise that I hope to gain a full time job doing something similar. I will get my qualifications then apply for similar jobs to the role I had at SSF.

First ETC SCQF Course Delivered at Newbattle High School

ETC became SCQF accredited in April 2017 in partnership with Glasgow Kelvin College with modules being accredited at levels 4 and 5. Newbattle High School Sport recreation students were there first group to complete the ETC SCQF version of module 1 – Working with Young People in Sport in June 2017. This was delivered over 2 weeks and was very well received by students. The purpose of the students completing this module was because they are due to visit primary schools in the new term delivering sports sessions on active lifestyles and building self-esteem to primary 7 pupils before their transition to secondary school. WWYPS was the perfect module to be delivered to this group as it would allow them to learn the skills needed to coach, build their own confidence within this role and allow them to understand the how, what and why of what they are doing.ETC Newbattle 3


ETC Newbattle 7

The students completed the SCQF module with great confidence and were a fantastic pilot group for ETC to deliver its first SCQF course too. ETC course tutor Victoria very much enjoyed delivering this course and said “Newbattle High School offers a really welcoming environment. The senior pupils arrived to both sessions full of energy and enthusiasm. Each of them committed to completing the qualification. It was great to see them supporting one another throughout. I’m looking forward to learning more about the next steps in their journey.” Victoria Clark, ETC Tutor
Please see below quotes from a participant on the course and also Bob Foley, Head of Health and Well Being at Newbattle High School;
“We really liked working with Victoria our ETC trainer as she was calm ,informative and taught us loads, and it was fun her not being a Teacher from school. I am feeling confident now to go out to Primaries and work with young pupils.” Samantha S6

“We have been lucky enough to work closely with ETC for 2 years now and I would highly recommend their delivery and tutors as professional and able to make good connections with our pupils, delivering modules that are highly relevant to our senior Sport Rec pupils heading out to deliver Sport lessons to our P7 pupils. They were all nervous to go out to the Primary but the course content and the emphasis on confidence building will help them so much.” Bob Foley, Head of Health and Well Being







SSF Recruiting for Shell Twilight Basketball Youth Development Coordinator

Shell Twilight Basketball Youth Development Co-ordinator 

 £20870 – £25070

35 Hours Per week with evening and weekend work required.

This post is funded through Scottish Government CashBack for Communities Fund

Closing date: Monday 24th July 2017 12 noon


The Youth Development Co-ordinator will be responsible for supporting young Twilight participants to maximise personal development opportunities and ensure programme delivery is in line with the needs of young people in challenging communities.

SSF, in carrying out its functions as a “Sport for Change” Charity delivering programmes to young people across Scotland, is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all, and to ensuring that no individual is discriminated against in the planning and delivery of any activities.

Please complete the application form to demonstrate how you meet the person specification highlighting the relevance of your skills and experience and suitability for the post.

SSF TBB Youth Development application form

Job Description – SSF TBB Youth Development Coordinator July 17

Please send your completed application and equal opportunities form to:

Closing date for applications is: Monday 24th July 2017

Group Interviews will be held on: 1st August at the Legacy Hub in Glasgow between 9am and 2.

Comedy Club to raise funds for SSF

Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) is having a charity fundraiser at The Stand Comedy Club on Wednesday, 28th June 2017 to raise money to support the work we do with over 10,000 disadvantaged young people across Scotland annually.

Join us and share a few laughs during the week and help us raise lots of cash for a good cause!

The Stand Comedy Club has been around for many years and is an intimate venue located in the West End of Glasgow which has seen many famous comedians grace its doors over the years including Kevin Bridges, Frankie Boyle, Fred Macaulay and lots more!

Confirmed acts include:-

Headline Act – Chris Forbes from BBC Scotland ‘Scot Squad’

Stuart Mitchell

Kirsty Morrison

Joseph Goss

Billy Kirkwood

There will be a raffle on the night and there is a full cash bar on-site!

Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite for £8 plus £1.04 booking fee per ticketclick here

You can also reserve tickets by calling The Stand 0141 212 3389 and are £8 payable cash on the door.

Sign-up to bring young people to a fun filled Sport4all event!



We are inviting families, organisations and groups across Glasgow to bring  young people along to a fun filled active event for all.

On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July SSF – Active East will be hosting a weekend of sport, physical activity and play opportunities delivered by partners for young people in the North East of Glasgow, taking place at Tollcross International Swimming Centre!

“sport for all” means making sport accessible to all members of our communities, as a vehicle for integration, empowerment and well-being. It engages everyone to move, play and compete together with people from different backgrounds, ages & abilities. This event will:


  • Be FREE
  • Be fun and exciting
  • Link young people across the East of Glasgow with local opportunities to be active
  • Include an exciting interactive marketplace for families and young people to find out local opportunities
  • Have an under 8’s drop-in Zone
  • Taster sessions for young people aged 8+ including: Boxing, Active play, Gymnastics, Athletics, Judo, Cricket, Basketball and much more!
  • A pool party – at Tollcross after our event on the Sunday 4 – 6pm (please note groups/parents will then be responsible for supervising young people)

Sign up now!

  • Families, organisations and groups are invited to bring along young people aged 8+ on the Saturday and on the Sunday for the full day (9:30-4pm) for the taster sessions
  • Spaces for the full day of taster sessions are allocated on a first come first serve basis
  • Sport4All – Booking Form – please complete this and send over as soon as possible to secure your spaces by Thursday 20th July
  • There will be fun activities for under 8’s who come along to get involved, this is on a drop in basis between 10-12pm and 13:00 and 15.15pm each day

If you have any questions about the event please get in touch at or call 0141 218 4640


Changing Lives Through Sport – Shell Twilight Basketball

Adam came along to the very first session we had on the 5th September 2014, he was a quiet young teenager who was accompanied by his older brother.  As Adam continued coming weekly he began to develop into a not so quiet boy; he was excessive in his use of expletives and disregard for the coaches.  He would often comment on decisions and drills as well as get involved in disputes that he was not part of, just to start trouble.

After one specific incident, Adam was asked to leave the session. When he returned, Adam was open and apologised to the coach he argued with, explaining that he was having a difficult time at home, but he didn’t want to discuss this further.  Adam again had an issue with the session when he turned up to the session after taking drugs, he was asked to leave and the police were contacted for advice by the coaches who were on the session. Adam continued to not listen or engage with coaches or show respect at the session to participants or youth workers. The next week Adam returned and took part in a quickly organised Educational Timeout (ETO) on drugs and safety.  Adam took this seriously as he was surprised by some of the facts and figures that were shown as well as some of the experience that the coaches had from their employment outside of Twilight.  This seemed to be a turning point for Adam and he became more open about home life and the things that he was feeling.

Over the next year Adam became a staple to the group, someone who was always in attendance and also someone the new, younger participants looked up to.  His younger brother started to attend and it was easy to see the admiration the boys showed for one and other, due to the age they had 30 mins cross over time with sessions that they loved.  It was this that showed Adam’s gentler side, the side that would develop into who he is now as a man.

Adam began approaching me in the sessions and asking to speak to me about his life outside of basketball.  We discussed his home life, how to be safe, keeping a mentality that is focused and sign posting places to go for additional specified support.  Adam shared that he has been self-harming to cope with the stress of home life, to this I offered guidance and support on being safe and the danger points and areas of self-harming but also that there are people who know a lot more than I do and perhaps he should visit a drop in for advice or his GP. Adam took the advice on board and continued sharing by letting me know that he has moved out of his house because he was struggling to live with his Mum and step dad, their relationship was straining on his own with his Mum.

After a few weeks , Adam came to tell me he has now got furniture for his flat as well as doing some shopping, he was struggling to eat but was standing on his own two feet and this was allowing him time to see his family. His relationship with his Mum was improving and he was starting to see a light in what had been a very dark and lonely place for him.  I expressed my regard for him that he had developed so much from a teenager ready to fight for nothing to a man willing to stand up to what he saw as important and the ability to do this whilst maintaining his mischievous grin!!!  Adam seemed quiet at my praise and shy at the fact that I had seen him grow, though it was clear to see he liked the fact that I noticed how much he’d grown.

“Shell Twilight Basketball has been a family to me; It is the only place I can go to release all my stress and hardships. As soon as I step foot on the court all my worries fade. Andrew, as well as all the coaches at my session, have helped me through all my crisis. I am greatly thankful to all the people that made Twilight happen, and to all the coaches and people that attend”

– Adam Wilson

It overwhelmed me and changed my whole concept on the impact we have on these kids and young people who attend the session, we are not there to simply coach a sport. We are there as a shoulder to lean on, to offer knowledge and support, to be a role model and most times to simply listen and praise the smallest efforts.  To someone who doesn’t hear it often, nothing will make you stand taller than when you hear it from someone you look up to.

Adam is now volunteering at the session and has been accepted into the Army after going through the interview process.


  • Andrew McCandlish, Coach at the Stranraer Shell Twilight Session

Scottish Sports Futures’ Adventure at Sea

The fifth voyage of OYT Scotland’s “On Course with CashBack” project has just finished with nine young people from Scottish Sports Futures spending five days sailing around the Firth of Clyde. The young people learnt to navigate and steer the 70ft sail training yacht Alba Venturer, hoist and drop sails, tie knots and cook for the whole crew. Leaving Greenock’s James Watt docks on Monday morning, 5th June, the crew sailed a total of 135 nautical miles, visiting Holy Loch, East loch Tarbert and Loch Ranza (Arran).

The young people threw themselves into the experience, working hard to achieve the goals they had set themselves. New skills were developed throughout the week long voyage which they can now take back and use in their daily lives. One crew member explained; “My experience with OYT Scotland was amazing. I learned a lot about sailing as well as everyday personal and social skills. The experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am unbelievably lucky to have been a part of it”

The weather was very good for the first-time sailors with sunshine, clear views and fair winds. On day three of the voyage, the crew were graced by a visit from a 10 foot Minke whale right beside the boat! Seeing the wild sea creature that close “was one of the most breath taking moments of my life” said one of the young people on board, showing that OYT Scotland voyages help young people to understand more about the natural world and encourage conservation.

All the young people worked towards gaining the Royal Yachting Association’s Start Yachting Level 1 Award, and took the opportunity to complete 9 SQA qualifications in: listening, reading, speaking, writing, measuring, calculation, using graphical information, problem solving and working with others.

OYT Scotland’s “On Course with CashBack” project is transforming 288 young people’s lives over three years thanks to an award from the “CashBack for Communities” scheme – the Scottish Government’s proceeds of crime fund.  Cabinet Secretary for Justice Michael Matheson said: “Through CashBack we are supporting many of Scotland’s most disadvantaged young people to reach their full potential in life, helping them to learn new skills, boost their confidence and develop as responsible citizens.”

Established in 2000, Scottish Sports Futures is a registered charity, delivering ‘Education through Sport’ programmes in communities across Scotland. Using inclusive sport and physical activity as a means of engagement, they offer young people creative ways to learn about physical wellbeing, goal setting, teamwork and active citizenship. Like OYT Scotland, Scottish Sports Futures is a recipient of the current CashBack for Communities phase 4 funding.

Supporting the young people to take part in the voyage were two group leaders from Scottish Sports Futures, Melissa Cairns and Sean Brady. They said “The OYT Scotland voyage allowed us to offer a completely new and challenging experience to young people from across Scotland. The daily routine allowed young people to build on practical skills including cooking and presenting in front of a group amongst many others. The voyage was a test for everyone including us as leaders but one which allowed us to work as a team along with the sea staff and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We have 3 young people interested in volunteering with OYT Scotland in future which is an additional great outcome as we work towards finding positive destinations for these young people”

Nick Fleming, Chief Executive of OYT Scotland said: “We are excited to have young people from Scottish Sports Futures as part of the On Course with CashBack programme. OYT Scotland voyages offer young people a life changing opportunity, giving them a chance to take part in teamwork and leadership roles. These are transferable skills that can be used in other areas of their lives. This programme aims to develop young people and the group taking part in this voyage have demonstrated that it has been a success.  Our highly trained sea-staff (both professionals and volunteers) are able to get the best from each individual. The combination of engaged group leaders and focused sea-staff means that these young people can reach goals that they never thought possible, and this gives them a new outlook on life”.

Over the past 18 years, OYT Scotland has grown to become one of the leading sail training charities in the world. With two sail training vessels, Alba Explorer and Alba Venturer, OYT Scotland completed 55 voyages with 552 young people in 2016.

For more information about OYT Scotland go to

For more information on Scottish Sports Futures go to

For more information on the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities scheme go to



It is with sadness that we have said goodbye to our founding CEO, Ian Reid, who, after over 18 years of dedicated hard work has grown the charity to the success it is today.  We wish him well in his chosen retirement.

Exciting times are ahead with our new appointment of CEO, namely Pam Hunter.  Pam, originally born in Glasgow, comes back home after 20 years away.  She comes with a breadth of experience in both the private and voluntary sectors, is educated in leadership to MBA level and has volunteered in counselling and charity boards.  Her spare time is filled with sport at any opportunity.

Pam Hunter said:

“I am really excited and thrilled to be starting this position and look forward to working with a great team.  Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy physical activity and get the life affirming benefits derived from it.  Our duty is to make this available to all young people across the length and breadth of Scotland.”

Charles Cormack, Chair said:

“This is a time of mixed emotions, with a sad farewell to Ian and an excited welcome to Pam.  After a rigorous recruitment process, Pam rose to the top.  We look forward to the future leadership Pam will bring to SSF with confidence”

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