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Shell Twilight Basketball Rocks the Emirates

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100 participants from the Shell Twilight Sessions in the West of Scotland attended the Glasgow Rocks Professional game against Worcester Wolves at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow. This gives the members of Shell Twilight the opportunity to meet other programmes from different areas, while supporting the players who visit the sessions throughout the season.

Players from Shell Twilights newest session, The Stranraer Ravens also had the opportunity before the game to play on the professional court against the Whitehill Wolves. Described by one participant as a ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity’ and the first games for many, both teams showed some great skills and sportsmanship throughout the day. Support both on and off the court was fantastic, with all participants encouraging each other in every game.

The sessions were later joined by members from the Bellahouston Hustlers and Wellhouse Warriors to watch what proved to be a tremendous game between the Rocks and Wolves. After a tense ending which saw the game go to overtime, the Rocks came out on top with a buzzer beater by Jajuan Smith much to the excitement of the Shell Twilight players.

After Christmas the sessions will meet again at the Emirates Arena for the West Regional Tournament. If you would like to find out more about Shell Twilight please have a look through our web page.

Glasgow Rocks in the Community



On a great night at the Emirates Arena where the Glasgow Rocks lifted fans out of their seats with yet another great display, this time scoring 107 points against Bristol Flyers, there was another group of players who gave the home fans just as much enjoyment. These players were the children who were competing in the Rocks Community Clubs Final at half-time of the game.

The Rocks Community Clubs are a Scottish Sports Futures initiative, and through the “Jump2it” programme the players of the Glasgow Rocks educate over 11,000 children per year on making healthy lifestyle decisions. It is at this point that the Glasgow Rocks players advise the children to try out their local basketball provision.

The Glasgow Rocks players have a huge influence on the children when talking with them, and Scottish Sports Futures ensure that that the children are made aware of existing basketball clubs, and if no local provision is available, the Rocks Community Clubs are set up in the area.

All sessions are coached by qualified coaches, with some guest appearances from the Glasgow Rocks players, and the sessions provide a fun and inclusive start to the sport. The overall aim is to provide positive and lasting early experiences of physical activity, playing sport and integrating with the community. Furthermore, these community sessions have strong links with the local existing basketball clubs which means that if the child would like to progress to play basketball at club level and beyond, they can have a direct pathway into competitive league, and then hopefully national basketball, just like many of the Glasgow Rocks role models who recommended the sessions.

Rocks Community Clubs sessions are open to all boys and girls aged 7-12, regardless of ability or experience. Sessions cost no more than £1 for the hour and they reach hundreds of children per year to encourage an active and fun lifestyle.

Please email or phone Peter on 0141-218-4640 for more information.


Jump2it Questionnaire Findings 2013/14

Jump2it-1st-sliderJump2it delivered to over 11,000 pupils in the 2013/14 school year. Here are some results from the completed questionnaires.

Overall percentages of information retained;

  • 80% of participants felt they learned something new
  • 83% told parent/guardian about the experience
  • 93% felt the players taught them about healthy eating
  • 96% felt the players taught them about alcohol
  • 94% felt they players taught them about smoking
  • 78% showed the goodie bag to their parent/guardian



Here are some quotes from the children and teachers on the whole Jump2it experience;

I told my mum and dad that alcohol was a depressant drug” – Pupil, Mayfield Primary

 “Smoking takes up to 16 years off your life” – Pupil, Cumbrae Primary

Fruit and veg give you vitamins and minerals” – Pupil, St Flannan’s Primary

“Very clear links with Curriculum for Excellence” – St Flannan’s Primary

“I remember that there is vitamin A in carrots” – Pupil, Craigentinny Primary

“There is has over 4000 chemicals in a cigarette” – Pupil, St David’s RC Primary

“It takes 5 mins to get to your brain” – Pupil, Lorne Primary

Reiterates & emphasises everything we do need in school” – Lorne Primary

“Grapes make wine” – Pupil, Lennoxtown Primary

“Half a litre of tar in your lung per year” – St Machan’s Primary

“One of the good foods is potatoes. They give us carbohydrates” – Craighead Primary

“Certainly fitted in with Health and Wellbeing” – St Machan’s Primary

“Ethanol is in alcohol” – Pupil, Dalmarnock Primary

“Cigarettes contain rat poison” – Pupil, Toryglen Primary

“Meat gives you protein” – Pupil, St Michael’s Primary

“The content fitted in well with the Experiences and Outcomes of CfE” – St Michael’s Primary

“100,000 people die from smoking each year” – Pupil, Eastbank Primary

“I learned that over 70% of your brain is water” – Pupil, Caledonia Primary

“You need to b over 18 to drink it” – Pupil, St Rose of Lima

“It matched well and allowed me to meet some of the C&E experiences and outcomes” – Swinton PS

“Carbohydrates gives you energy” – Pupil, St Cuthbert’s Primary

“Vodka is made out of potatoes” – St Convals Primary

 “It can be very addictive and it can lead to cancer” – St Monica’s Primary

 “Fitted in well into HWB education and covered a lot of outcomes” – Thornwood Primary



Sports Leader discusses ETC Modules

As a leader in youth work, as a sports coach or as as a teacher how often do you really explore the real benefits of sport and, perhaps more critically, how they actually come about?

We all know about the perceived benefits – those often immeasurable body, mind and spirit qualities that everyone talks about – the feel good factor, increased longevity, increased attention span or just plain old de-stressing!   While it’s certainly true that not everything that counts can be counted that won’t win you first prize in delivering a truly effective development program with evidenced results.

So, the beauty of this course is it takes us through examples of proven, measurable benefits and sets those into a context of a programming process to meet the desired and planned outcomes.

My experience of running this module to mixed audiences is that the perception that you were going to be given lots of opinion is quickly replaced by a ‘hallelujah’ that you are actually plied with facts.  And there’s more, you are then introduced to a process to define your own programme objectives and to establish the necessary plan, do and review steps to maximise the chances of achieving the desired outcomes. A must for anyone involved in delivering plans which will be evaluated for their relevance, effectiveness and value.

ETC Tutor – Nigel Hetherington


Foundation Scotland is delighted to announce that the Gorbals, Calton and Ruchhill & Possilpark will be its three partner communities in Glasgow. Selected from a pool of 31 across the city, these three communities each represent a distinct part of the city (north-east, north-west and south).

They will each be able to access dedicated funding and support to deliver long-lasting social change inspired by the Commonwealth Games.

Fourteen Scotland is supported by Spirit of 2012, a new charity established by the Big Lottery Fund. Spirit is investing £3.5m in 14 communities across the UK, inspired by XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The programme ‘Fourteen’ will be delivered through a grant of £3.5m from Spirit: £3m of this has been granted to UK Community Foundations to work with Foundation Scotland and Community Foundation Wales; £500,000 of this has been granted to Springboard to work with Strive NI to deliver the programme in Northern Ireland.

The communities in Glasgow are the first three to be announced. Each community will design and run a range of activities to increase participation levels in sport, arts and volunteering relevant to the needs of their community. Building on a diverse mix of informal and formal activities already happening in each area, it is hoped this will lead to a better connected, more inclusive community where people are more inspired and able to contribute to make a difference.

John Fury, Chair, ng homes added: “We would like to thank Spirit of Trust 2012 on behalf of the Possilpark and Ruchill Thriving Places sub-group for selecting us as one of the three communities in Glasgow to be chosen for this exciting opportunity. We look forward to working with the people of Ruchill and Possilpark, Spirit of Trust 2012 and Foundation Scotland to give them a real say in the decisions that affect their communities and create opportunities for them to get involved.”

Ian Reid Founder and Chief Executive of Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) said:
“Having lived in the immediate neighbourhood of Calton, I am well aware of the challenges which face the local community. The opportunity to address some of these inequalities is both timely and welcome and we look forward to working in partnership with others over the next 3 years and beyond. SSF’s experience of working in the East End of the City in recent years has highlighted the fact there is huge untapped potential in the City, which can produce outstanding results with “a wee bit of encouragement.” We hope we can provide that encouragement.”

Raymond Shannon, Chair of the New Gorbals Housing Association and lifelong Gorbals resident said “We, and all our community partners in the Gorbals, are thrilled to hear that we have been selected as one of the Fourteen Glasgow communities. This exiting initiative will help the community harness its assets to transform the live spirit of the 2014 Games into a vibrant legacy in the Gorbals. We can’t wait to get started.”

Rachel Searle-Mbullu, Foundation Scotland’s Head of Community Investment added: ‘We are looking forward to working with and learning from these three Glasgow communities. Each one has loads of experience and knowledge about what makes their community tick and provides an ideal platform and springboard to make a real difference. We want to ensure that is harnessed so more community members can benefit from really getting involved in a community initiative, however small it may appear to be.”

Spirit Chief Executive Debbie Lye commented: “Fourteen is a key component of our Spirit of Glasgow programme: a series of investments to enable communities to benefit from the values and opportunities around the legacy of Glasgow 2014. We will be supporting 14 communities across the UK and are excited to be announcing the first three in Glasgow – the home city of the Games. We believe that through participation, we can improve a person’s sense of well-being and consequentially, that of the community as a whole. Fourteen is one of our flagship programmes to demonstrate this vision”.

Cabinet Secretary for Commonwealth Games and Sport Shona Robison remarked: “We are working to ensure a positive lasting legacy for Scotland following the greatest ever Commonwealth Games. The Spirit of Glasgow supports our legacy ambitions by enabling people in Glasgow and across the UK to benefit from the spirit, opportunities and values of the Games. In particular, these projects will further enhance community development in sport, culture or in volunteering to build more connected and inclusive communities where people can live healthier, more active lives.”

Active East Providing New opportunities

AE Parkour

The youth committee at Pavillion Youth Café were looking for alternative activities to football.  Barlanark Community Centre was suggested as a venue with access to a large gym hall. Following discussions with young people from both organisations parkour was identified as an activity to increase participation. Parkour incorporates martial arts and focuses on movement and the environment.

Active Champion William sits on the Youth Management Committee at Pavillion Youth Café encouraging young people to get involved in physical activity. William was involved in the planning of the parkour sessions which took place on a Thursday evening 6:30-8 and finalised with a showcase.

The sessions were a big hit with the young people and the coaches interacted really well. The participants were split into 2 age groups which not only helped to get the most out of the session but mixed the young people from different areas, breaking down barriers.

When the pilot was shared at an Active East partner meeting Playbusters discussed a similar activity, Tricking, which young people were taking part in through Youth Bank funding. An opportunity arose to get more young people involved in the parkour and to allow those already taking part to try Tricking, which incorporates gymnastics, break dancing and similar disciplines giving more ‘trick’ movements which could be used in the showcase.

The participants not only got active but they learned self-control and increased their confidence. Parkour requires discipline and a form of self-meditation to overcome obstacles and adapt one’s movements to the environment.  A number of young people who normally struggle to engage in activities and stick to programmes long-term were able to complete the pilot and take on a full role within the showcase. Parents were very pleased and surprised by this and even commented on a positive change in behaviour at home.


Active Champion William enjoyed seeing the different types of styles and manoeuvresassociated with Parkour. He said “it got kids off the street and doing something beneficial and inventive”. William will be able to complete a silver youth achievement challenge through his involvement in the programme. William’s younger brother got really involved in the project. The coaches were so impressed as he demonstrated commitment and aptitude for the activity that they offered him an apprenticeship with Glasgow Parkour LTD.

Moving forward funding from Big Lottery Awards for All was secured to continue with the activity until next year. Parkour is now running every Friday evening 6:30-8 at Barlanark Community Centre and the long term goal is to create a club.

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