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How volunteering has increased my confidence – Bryanne Ford

I started my volunteering journey at a very young age (around the age of 10). The main reason I started volunteering was due to a program called Dreams and Teams that the Nairn academy pupils got to do. I was helping out at dance classes and cheer classes. Now, I volunteer with two main companies; Highlife Highland and Shell Twilight Basketball at multi sports and basketball. Volunteering has become a second nature for me and I’m now constantly taking volunteering opportunities up.

I have gained so much through volunteering like qualifications, awards, new skills and not forgetting the new friend’s and memories with them. Some of my main achievements with volunteering would have to be:

  • Junior Sports Leader of the year two years in a row
  • Senior Sports Leader of the year last year
  • Over 500 hours spent volunteering at after school activities
  • SSF Best Newcomer 2018

Volunteering has allowed me to improve so much on my own skills. Over the years I’ve become more confident to do things out my comfort zone, improving in many skills like my communication, organisation skills, there’s just far too much to say. With volunteering you create a strong bond with the people you work with and they become a second family for you, as they are constantly there for you and you just have a great time when you’re with them. I also think volunteering helped me through exams and school as I could relax when volunteering, have some fun and get a clear mind set for my education.  

I would 100% say to anyone start volunteering at a young or older age, as it has helped me through so much. I’ve never had a dull moment when volunteering as every day is different working with young kids, Volunteering has given me a coaching job and a place into a sports course in college. Volunteering has changed my life for the good and it will change yours completely once you try it. I don’t know what I would be doing if I never started volunteering.  

Refuweegee – How you can help!

Refuweegee is a community-led charity set up to ensure that all refugees arriving in Glasgow are welcomed to the city in true Glaswegian style.

Their aim is to provide every Refuweegee who arrives in the city with a community built welcome pack. Each pack will contain three categories of items; essentials, Glasgow welcome and ‘letters from the locals’ and as a result of the final category, each pack will be completely individual.


‘Letters from the locals’ are the heart and soul of the packs. These can be in the form of postcards, letters or post it notes, as long as the words are welcoming and kind then it’s what they’re looking for. These letters could also be used to advertise the programmes and free activities your organisation can offer to them.

Help Refuweegee to make sure that upon arrival in Glasgow people are left in no doubt as to their acceptance, their safety and their future. Write your letter today and drop it into any Oxfam store in Glasgow where you will find a Refuweegee drop box or post it to; Refuweegee, PO Box 7639, GLASGOW, G42 2HD.

Visit for more information.

StreetGames Fit & Fed Campaign – Get involved!

StreetGames are asking organisations from across Scotland and the wider UK to join in their Fit and Fed campaign.

Fit & Fed aims to tackle 3 main things that impact on our children and families who are most in need during school holiday periods: holiday hunger, isolation, and inactivity.  Research shows that 60% of families with an annual income of £25,000 can’t always afford food during the holidays, and families on less than £15,000 report a ‘constant struggle’.

StreetGames Scotland manager Ian Crawford said ‘School holidays are supposed to be a fun time of the year, but for a generation of children from low income families growing up in Scotland it isn’t. Children are isolated because there is no free activity programmes on offer, and they are at risk of going hungry because there are no free school meals’.

StreetGames are in the process of creating a Glasgow Fit & Fed HUB which aims to tackle this issue by bringing together a range of organisations including local community organisations, academics, retailers, businesses, food charities and community food providers.

Organisations that join the campaign are offered a range of support including fundraising support, free training and networking opportunities.

Anyone interested in joining the campaign should contact Ian Crawford on or call 07930816040.

Clyde Gateway – this is the place where health is improving

Clyde Gateway is Scotland’s biggest and most ambitious regeneration project, established in 2008 to improve the lives of people living in the east end of Glasgow and neighbouring South Lanarkshire.

As well as the extensive physical regeneration of the area, Clyde Gateway also supports projects that improve the lives and the health of local people. One example is Jump2it, delivered by Scottish Sports Futures, where 3,000 primary school pupils every year learn about healthy lifestyles and physical activity from professional athletes. They also benefit from basketball coaching and the opportunity to participate in fun inter-school tournaments.

The combination of classroom learning and active participation seems to be a winning formula in inspiring the children to make positive lifestyle choices.

One of the many Clyde Gateway schools where Jump2it takes place is St Columbkille’s Primary School in Rutherglen, where players from local basketball team, the Glasgow Rocks, make regular visits.

“Jump2it has been running here for several years now, and the kids just love it”, says Depute Head Teacher Frances Slater. “They don’t just get to play basketball, they also learn all about healthy living, a message which definitely seems to have more of an impact when it’s being delivered by professional athletes rather than their parents or teachers!

“The programme runs from October to December every year. Last year we had 28 kids taking part; Primary 6 and 7 are involved in the healthy lifestyle aspects of Jump2it, and the Primary 7 participants also get basketball training every week.

“Jump2it has been incredibly effective in re-enforcing the school’s own health and well-being curriculum, and in getting the children to increase their physical activity levels. The children were so excited to be getting coaching from the Glasgow Rocks, and particularly loved the opportunity to compete with other schools at the inter-school tournaments. The end of season basketball festival at the Emirates Arena was a particularly memorable day for everyone involved – we’re lucky to have such an amazing facility so close at hand.

“The report on last year’s programme showed that 40 per cent of the children made a positive change in their eating habits as a result of the lessons they learned, and six of them got the basketball bug and now play regularly. The majority have also been inspired to try out other sports like gymnastics, football or netball. Just about everyone involved was determined to drink more water.

“As well as the physical benefits, so many of the pupils who have been involved in Jump2it tell us about the positive thinking they have taken from it, such as learning never to give up, working as part of a team, and not to say “I can’t do that” but to say “I can’t do it yet, but if I practice I will finally achieve my goal.” One child even reported that he now sees failure as an opportunity to fix mistakes and learn. That’s an achievement in itself.”

To find out more about how Clyde Gateway is the place where health is improving, visit

Callum Campbell – My first three months with SSF

I have been working with Shell Twilight Basketball for the last three months. During my time with Twilight I have had the opportunity to try a variety of different tasks.

In September I attended the ambassador residential where I got the opportunity to build up my coaching skills. Everyone who wanted to take a turn of coaching got the chance. I tried a drill with my group and this really helped my confidence as everyone gave me feedback on how I could improve rather than looking at the negatives. While at the residential I met Sarah Hutton who is the head coach at the Wellhouse session, she asked me if I would like to go to Wellhouse on a Friday and build up my coaching skills. I have been attending the session for a while now and last week even got the chance to take the younger group for a session where I used a pre prepared session plan. I ran the session plan past Martyn and Peter to make sure it was suitable I also ran it past Sarah when I arrived at the session.

In October Martyn and I helped at the Reidvale outdoor tournament where I got to take part in the tournament as one team was a player short. I also helped at the National Tournament at the PEAK Stirling which was attended by 250 young people. I helped the rest of the Twilight team set up the night before then on the day of the tournament I took a team from Nairn who had no coach. With a little help from Twilight Ambassador Greg, I thought it went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was good to see everyone enjoying themselves knowing how much hard work everyone from Twilight put in to make it a success.

After the tournament I took responsibility putting the evaluation surveys into survey monkey which gives us a rough idea of what things people enjoyed from the tournament and what to include at the next one. Also after the tournament I sorted through photos, picking the best ones and deleting any photos that had multiple copies. I then created a Facebook photo album and posted the photos I thought were the best

I also started doing my SVQ work which I do on a Monday. Kirsty from FARE comes in on a Thursday to talk me through the questions that I have to do the following Monday, I find the SVQ work challenging but Jim who manages the MEND programme has made it easier for all the modern apprentices by getting us to do it together so if we are struggling we can help each other or ask Jim as he has spoken to FARE and knows ways to help us if we are struggling. This has increased my confidence about doing my SVQ as I am not the only person in the office doing the work.

I have enjoyed my first three months with SSF with the highlight being the residential as it was the first time I got to meet the ambassador’s as well as Twilight coaches from across Scotland Callum, Laura, Sarah and Andrew. I am looking forward to the different tasks I will face in the remainder of my time with SSF.      ardoch-resedential-jpg-2 ardoch-resedential

Successful Shell Twilight Basketball National Tournament at the Peak


On Saturday 29th of October, over 250 young people from all across Scotland attended the Peak in Stirling for a thrilling day of competition and fun on and off the basketball court. All 31 teams demonstrated exhilarating basketball on display right to the end. Scottish Sports Futures’ Shell Twilight Basketball groups from Highlands, Aberdeen, Fife, Stirling, Glasgow, North Ayrshire and Stranraer comprised the ‘National Tournament 2016’.

For the first time a Ladies category was introduced to the annual tournament alongside existing under 14, under 18 and under 21 categories. The aim of this was to promote female participation in sport and physical activity. The category was made a spectacle of during the day and was hugely appreciated by everyone in attendance. Four teams were entered and each game was incredible to watch. Bellahouston Ladies won gold medals and the trophy with Wellhouse Ladies coming incredibly close. Bellahouston’s head coach, Greta Montgomery said

“The addition of the all-girls games was a highlight for me! We have some incredible girls who got to enjoy the spotlight which sometimes gets overshadowed when they play with the guys. It was a highlight for them as well.”

This is the sixth time the tournament has run as additional activity to the normal evening diversionary sessions and the first time the event has been hosted outside of Glasgow. The Peak in Stirling was a fantastic venue and the staff were very accommodating. The FREE programme is supported by Title Sponsors, Shell, the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities and North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership. It runs on Friday nights and aims to keep young people off the streets, get them active and through the unique educational time out system help them make positive lifestyle decisions away from drugs, alcohol and smoking. Shell Twilight Basketball is delivered by qualified coaches and youth workers who provide a variety of content suitable to the participants.

Shell’s Communications & Social Performance Advisor, John Raine commented on the initiative

Shell Twilight Basketball is an exciting initiative that is making a real contribution to social inclusion by giving young people the opportunity to make a number of positive choices for their futures while having fun and learning vital skills. We are delighted to be able to work with Scottish Sports Futures, the Scottish Government and The Glasgow Rocks in delivering this programme”.

Alongside our team prizes, individual “Rising Star Awards” were presented to Vincent Connelly from Stirling, Caitlin Ward and Dylan Watson from Wellhouse for best representing Shell Twilight Basketball values. All three were enthusiastic throughout the day and great role models for sport and physical activity.

Educational workshops were scheduled into the event to provide the young people with important information on topics including; racism, communication, organised crime, resilience, nutrition and healthy living. The workshops provided a great opportunity for young people to learn and integrate with others with similar interests from different areas in Scotland. The delivery staff were amazing and engaged their audience throughout the day. Police Scotland and Red Card Scotland came in specially to offer professional advice on organised crime and racism.

Scottish Sports Futures programmes Education Through Cashback, MEND and Active East also had a large role in delivering workshops including a very popular Active East activity zone. This was delivered by young volunteers from the east end of Glasgow to provide fun activities during breaks in the schedule. The MEND programme manager, Jim Boyd commented

“It was such a fantastic day to see young people competing in the national tournament displaying the true spirit of sport.  It worked on all levels with their eagerness and appetite to also engage and learn through the educational work-shops.  Without doubt, it was a pleasure to see young players fully embracing the importance of nutrition in leading healthy lives to support both them and their basketball.”

Shell Twilight Basketball runs mainly on Friday nights across Scotland. It is FREE to attend and open to all young people aged 11-21 years old. Please see for more information or contact

Judo Girls Rock 2016 #WSW16

Timing is everything and as we celebrate Women’s Sport Week 2016 3rd – 7th October we are also launching year 2 of our Girls Judo programme, delivered in partnership with Youth Scotland and Judo Scotland. Following on from the immense success of Judo Girls Rock in 2015, the multi-award winning programme returns this autumn for what is set to be a bigger and better second year.

The West of Scotland based programme, is designed to engage young females, a group at high risk of inactivity, through a fun female only 20 week judo youth work programme. Research has highlighted that only 41% of girls aged 13-15 in Scotland meet the target of an hour’s physical activity a day. The sessions, developed from an award winning pilot from our legacy programme Active East, focus on physical movement similar to dance, introducing judo gradually to maximise engagement.

Building on our knowledge of combining youth work practice and sporting activity the Girl’s programme will develop female coaches and volunteers, as well as increasing female participation in Judo. Young leaders and youth workers will be supported with a programme of training as well as bespoke inputs based on what young people have told us what would like to learn more about such as such as smoking, body image, first aid and goal setting.

Seventeen year old, Summer Cranney, who started her coaching pathway with Judo Girls Rock, last year won this year’s prestigious JudoScotland Young Coach of the Year, cementing Judo Girls Rock in the wider Judo-in-Scotland community.

If you would like to get involved in the Female Participation Judo Programme, please contact or call the JudoScotland Development Team on 0131 333 2981. Join in the conversation on Twitter with #JudoGirlsRock.

Girls Judo

Girls Judo

Book your SSF Awards Night now- 30th November 2016.

Scottish Sports Futures Awards at the Marriott Hotel, Glastgow on 3.12.15 Picture Copyright: Iain McLean, 79 Earlspark Avenue, Glasgow G43 2HE 07901 604 365 All Rights Reserved No Syndication


Scottish Sports Futures are delighted to be hosting our second Awards Night celebrating the achievements of young people from across Scotland on St Andrews night, 30th November at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow.


Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) is a charity Changing Lives through sport and over the last 16 years we have been working in communities that are vulnerable or at risk.  Our local and national programmes provide tailored pathways to positive destinations, supporting young people to fulfil their potential and widening opportunities for all.


We are delighted to invite you to attend our inspirational awards night on St Andrews Night 30th November at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow.


Tickets cost £35 per person or £350 for a table of 10. To book your place please complete the attached form and return it to


Please note this is a one of a kind night, planned by young people for young people. Expect not only celebration of incredible young folk but also a creative, fun, memorable night that you absolutely do not want to miss out on!


Winner of the 2015 Coach of the Year Award Precious James Miene sums this up when he said: “Volunteering with twilight has literally change my life it’s given me a purpose and a drive to make an impact in people’s life for the better would not change it for the world and I can never thank them enough for the chance of put a smile on someone else’s.” (pic of precious attached to go with it)


Last year’s awards –


To ensure a youth led, spectacular red carpet event our Awards Committee is comprised of young people and community partners.  The committee will take the lead on all planning and decision making.  Ten awards will include 5 Active East specific and 5 SSF wide categories on the evening.


Book your ticket now.

SSF Charity NET giant support from Sainsbury’s Partick


6’10 Olympian and Glasgow Rocks pro-basketball star Kieron Achara will be part of the celebrations this weekend to launch a new partnership between Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) and Sainsbury’s Partick.  After winning a public vote the “sport for change” charity have become the West End supermarkets Local Charity of the Year.


Kieron is just one of the players from the Glasgow Rocks who help deliver the charities programmes and he will be making a guest appearance at the Sainsbury’s Partick store on Friday 5th August between 2-4pm to mark the start of a “fun” fundraising weekend and year-long partnership between SSF and Sainsbury’s Partick.


Angela Gregory, Finance Manager, from SSF “We are so excited about this new relationship with Sainsbury’s Partick, and encourage everyone to come out and see us over the weekend.  Starting on Friday we will have shoot the hoop basketball game, a selfie station and prizes to be won.  If you are in the area please come in and say hello to our wonderful staff and volunteers and get a picture with basketball superstar Kieron.”saisburys


A partnership with the giant retailer will support the work of SSF, a charity who use the power of sport to inspire young people to make positive lifestyle choices.  Targeted at communities that are vulnerable or at risk our programmes use sport as the platform to empower participants to lead safe, healthy active lives.


“SSF are thrilled to be Sainsbury’s Partick Local Charity of the Year.  Support from an organisation like Sainsbury’s and the general public, who have voted, reinforces the importance of the work we do and will widen the opportunities we can offer some of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people.  We are looking forward to working in partnership with the Partick staff team and coming up with some inspiring and creative fundraising ideas that get everyone involved locally.” Ian Reid, OBE, Chief Executive Scottish Sports Futures.


Bringing together sport and youth work principles SSF maximise the personal and social development potential of physical activity.  SSF last year worked with over 12,000 young people across 7 delivery programmes (Jump2it, Active East, Education through CashBack, MEND, Shell Twilight Basketball, Rocks Community Clubs, Girls Judo).  We introduce sporting role models, deliver health & wellbeing topics, develop young leaders, tackle childhood obesity, divert from anti-social behaviour, and promote the benefits of volunteering.  Participant outcomes include being active, completing training, youth volunteering, increased confidence, health improvement, engaging with further education and securing employment.


“SSF has changed my life through volunteering. It’s given me purpose and drive.” SSF young volunteer.

Sainsbury’s Partick Store Manager, Jonathan Mason “We just want to say congratulations to Scottish Sports Futures, its great to be working with a new Charity this year.  All the staff are excited about the partnership and are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead”.



Over the next 12 months Sainsbury’s Partick, its staff and customers will be fundraising and raising awareness of the work of Scottish Sports Futures.  Customers will see information displayed in store and on social media.  For more information on how to get involved in some of the local activities or to find out more about the charity visit

Glasgow Eagles Reap The Rewards Of Partnership With Scottish Sports Futures



Earlier in the year Glasgow Eagles Basketball Club enjoyed implementing a new three hour basketball session at Knightswood Secondary after a successful transition from diversionary basketball programme Shell Twilight Basketball.

The Shell Twilight initiative runs at 14 other locations across Scotland and have over 250 young people attending the free sessions every Friday night. The programme, which is designed to give young people a Friday night alternative while providing ‘educational timeouts’ to encourage positive lifestyle decisions. In addition, the young people are also supported into training, volunteering and employment.

Megan Cuthbertson has been involved as a coach at the Knightswood class for 7 years and has supported the session on a voluntary basis for the majority of this time. Megan commented:

“It has been a great diverse group of players to work with who are all from different backgrounds & with a broad range of skill levels. It has always been a very energetic session and has proven to be a great support network for all involved. Lots of players have improved in confidence & I am excited to see how they progress as part of the Glasgow Eagles club”

The movement from diversionary activity into a session run by a local club is fantastic for the sustainability and the opportunities for the young people. This transition into the hands of existing local provision is the first of its kind. Alec Watt, Glasgow Eagles Chairman says “We are ecstatic with this new opportunity ,  the acquisition of so many young,  enthusiastic , talented and accomplished young people who if they desire can become part of Glasgow Eagles Basketball Club in future  and  its ongoing development with basketballscotland.”

As part of the partnership between Scottish Sports Futures and basketballscotland, all participants were offered the opportunity to get free basketball coaching qualifications which further contributes to the sustainability of the transition.

Shell Twilight Basketball is also supported by title sponsors Shell, Children in Need and the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities, which takes funds recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into free activities and programmes for young people across Scotland.

Peter Tasker, the Club Development Coordinator for Scottish Sports Futures said:

“This has been a great opportunity for the young people, and it gives sustainability into the session which was funded by Cashback for Communities. The Eagles have been great in the transition and Megan has continued to volunteer throughout this period. Scottish Sports Futures helped participants get their coaching qualifications, which means that these young people now have the opportunity to take ownership in the new session”.

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