ETC Case Study – Dance Division

ETC develops skills suited to all settings from community to performance, from the court to the stage!

From the outset Education Through CashBack (ETC) has offered sports coaches, youth workers and volunteers engaging with young people in sport and physical activity free training to equip them with the skills, understanding and confidence to deliver activities effectively to a range of young people in a variety of settings across Scotland.

Dance Division are a recent addition to the ETC family; 13 dance teachers from the company undertook two modules, Human Connection and Conflict Resolution in January.

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Dance Division, based in Edinburgh, are passionate about dance and believe dance should be accessible to everyone, working mainly in schools, community settings and youth centres with children aging from 3 to 18 years old and adults. Working with the ETC team to identify training that would best suit the company, Cat Perry, Director at Dance Division said,

“My idea and intention for this training was to advance our knowledge and gain more training relating to the work we do – in particular with these courses managing challenging behaviour and having methods/tools to help, and how the relationships they build with their participants (every one of their participants) is vital and extremely important in the overall success for their class and their overall teaching ability.”

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Human Connection is an ETC module which focuses on the importance of building relationships and the ‘Human Connection’ as part of engaging participant’s effectively in sport and physical activity. The module challenges those who work with young people to think beyond technique, strategy and outcomes and look at the potential life-impacting influence of their position. Reflecting on experience and why participants do what they do is a key element of this module, Dance Division teacher Vanessa Roberts commented,

“It made me think about how a teacher can be memorable to participants. It made me think about my old dance teachers, and how they inspired me and engaged with me and now I am still dancing today. I want to be a memorable teacher to my participants and hope I inspire others too”

‘You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist’

The message of this famous quote by Indira Gandhi is at the heart of ETC’s Conflict Resolution module which provides participants with the practical tools needed for dealing with conflict, aggression and challenging behaviour. Working with a wide range of age groups in a variety settings, which was sometimes a challenge, learning new techniques and strategies to produce positive outcomes was the focus for Dance Division.

“I am going to try and use Positive Statement and ensure I am always actively listening to everyone when teaching, and especially in challenging situations and any possible conflict situations” – Karen Longbottom, Dance Division Teacher

We asked Dance Division what new skills, knowledge and understanding was gained through attending the modules, they listed:


Cat Perry, reflecting on how ETC training would impact on how Dance Division work with young people said,

“I feel the training we have undergone with ETC will help us to improve our delivery and teaching to all the participants we teach, and be able to provide a high level of quality and deeper understanding of what we teach and how we do it. The training also inspired us and motivated us to continue the work we do, and provide the best possible experience to all children and young people we engage with.”

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” …really inspirational and lots of help…I am really inspired and motivated now. I can’t wait to get to classes and use some of things I have learnt. I just want to go out and teach now!” – Hannah Baker, Dance Division Teacher