Glasgow Rocks in the Community



On a great night at the Emirates Arena where the Glasgow Rocks lifted fans out of their seats with yet another great display, this time scoring 107 points against Bristol Flyers, there was another group of players who gave the home fans just as much enjoyment. These players were the children who were competing in the Rocks Community Clubs Final at half-time of the game.

The Rocks Community Clubs are a Scottish Sports Futures initiative, and through the “Jump2it” programme the players of the Glasgow Rocks educate over 11,000 children per year on making healthy lifestyle decisions. It is at this point that the Glasgow Rocks players advise the children to try out their local basketball provision.

The Glasgow Rocks players have a huge influence on the children when talking with them, and Scottish Sports Futures ensure that that the children are made aware of existing basketball clubs, and if no local provision is available, the Rocks Community Clubs are set up in the area.

All sessions are coached by qualified coaches, with some guest appearances from the Glasgow Rocks players, and the sessions provide a fun and inclusive start to the sport. The overall aim is to provide positive and lasting early experiences of physical activity, playing sport and integrating with the community. Furthermore, these community sessions have strong links with the local existing basketball clubs which means that if the child would like to progress to play basketball at club level and beyond, they can have a direct pathway into competitive league, and then hopefully national basketball, just like many of the Glasgow Rocks role models who recommended the sessions.

Rocks Community Clubs sessions are open to all boys and girls aged 7-12, regardless of ability or experience. Sessions cost no more than £1 for the hour and they reach hundreds of children per year to encourage an active and fun lifestyle.

Please email or phone Peter on 0141-218-4640 for more information.