How volunteering has increased my confidence – Bryanne Ford

I started my volunteering journey at a very young age (around the age of 10). The main reason I started volunteering was due to a program called Dreams and Teams that the Nairn academy pupils got to do. I was helping out at dance classes and cheer classes. Now, I volunteer with two main companies; Highlife Highland and Shell Twilight Basketball at multi sports and basketball. Volunteering has become a second nature for me and I’m now constantly taking volunteering opportunities up.

I have gained so much through volunteering like qualifications, awards, new skills and not forgetting the new friend’s and memories with them. Some of my main achievements with volunteering would have to be:

  • Junior Sports Leader of the year two years in a row
  • Senior Sports Leader of the year last year
  • Over 500 hours spent volunteering at after school activities
  • SSF Best Newcomer 2018

Volunteering has allowed me to improve so much on my own skills. Over the years I’ve become more confident to do things out my comfort zone, improving in many skills like my communication, organisation skills, there’s just far too much to say. With volunteering you create a strong bond with the people you work with and they become a second family for you, as they are constantly there for you and you just have a great time when you’re with them. I also think volunteering helped me through exams and school as I could relax when volunteering, have some fun and get a clear mind set for my education.  

I would 100% say to anyone start volunteering at a young or older age, as it has helped me through so much. I’ve never had a dull moment when volunteering as every day is different working with young kids, Volunteering has given me a coaching job and a place into a sports course in college. Volunteering has changed my life for the good and it will change yours completely once you try it. I don’t know what I would be doing if I never started volunteering.