Jump2it Questionnaire Findings 2013/14

Jump2it-1st-sliderJump2it delivered to over 11,000 pupils in the 2013/14 school year. Here are some results from the completed questionnaires.

Overall percentages of information retained;

  • 80% of participants felt they learned something new
  • 83% told parent/guardian about the experience
  • 93% felt the players taught them about healthy eating
  • 96% felt the players taught them about alcohol
  • 94% felt they players taught them about smoking
  • 78% showed the goodie bag to their parent/guardian



Here are some quotes from the children and teachers on the whole Jump2it experience;

I told my mum and dad that alcohol was a depressant drug” – Pupil, Mayfield Primary

 “Smoking takes up to 16 years off your life” – Pupil, Cumbrae Primary

Fruit and veg give you vitamins and minerals” – Pupil, St Flannan’s Primary

“Very clear links with Curriculum for Excellence” – St Flannan’s Primary

“I remember that there is vitamin A in carrots” – Pupil, Craigentinny Primary

“There is has over 4000 chemicals in a cigarette” – Pupil, St David’s RC Primary

“It takes 5 mins to get to your brain” – Pupil, Lorne Primary

Reiterates & emphasises everything we do need in school” – Lorne Primary

“Grapes make wine” – Pupil, Lennoxtown Primary

“Half a litre of tar in your lung per year” – St Machan’s Primary

“One of the good foods is potatoes. They give us carbohydrates” – Craighead Primary

“Certainly fitted in with Health and Wellbeing” – St Machan’s Primary

“Ethanol is in alcohol” – Pupil, Dalmarnock Primary

“Cigarettes contain rat poison” – Pupil, Toryglen Primary

“Meat gives you protein” – Pupil, St Michael’s Primary

“The content fitted in well with the Experiences and Outcomes of CfE” – St Michael’s Primary

“100,000 people die from smoking each year” – Pupil, Eastbank Primary

“I learned that over 70% of your brain is water” – Pupil, Caledonia Primary

“You need to b over 18 to drink it” – Pupil, St Rose of Lima

“It matched well and allowed me to meet some of the C&E experiences and outcomes” – Swinton PS

“Carbohydrates gives you energy” – Pupil, St Cuthbert’s Primary

“Vodka is made out of potatoes” – St Convals Primary

 “It can be very addictive and it can lead to cancer” – St Monica’s Primary

 “Fitted in well into HWB education and covered a lot of outcomes” – Thornwood Primary