Sport for Change

Since 2000, Scottish Sports Futures have combined youth work and sport to support young people to become all they can be, to be inspired to make positive life style choices and to change their own lives for the better. Our tried and tested approach involves working in the most deprived communities in Scotland. Working with local and national partners and utilising professional role models with our partnership with the Glasgow Rocks as well as Judo Scotland, Netball Scotland and many other fantastic sports combined with the upskilling and development of local young people brought us into this space know just now as ‘Sportforchange’.

Recently we have been working alongside The Robertson Trust, Scottish Government and sportscotland with our colleagues also working in this space to research this approach to sport and physical activity. The findings are published in a report and summary document can be found here – Together we want to ensure that all people have access to quality sports provision, that young people can be supported to fulfil and realise potential. When sport is about more than the sport we know what approach to use and we have developed SCQF accredited modules, funded through the Scottish Governments CashBack for Communities programme so named Education Through CashBack (known as ETC) to upskill the workforce to understand young people and put them at the heart of programmes. These are open to all and there are options for funded courses right through to tutor training, more information can be found on the dedicated website here –

In the next few months we will play a part in implementing an action plan, based on findings from this research and are very excited about what this means for sport but more importantly for young people in Scotland. Watch this space for more news and information on how to access training and be involved.
Kirsty McNab

Head of Operations


Girls only slam dunking tournament   

Initial findings from the Active Women project published by Sport England suggest the key to successful recruitment of women into physical activity is to base it on fun while addressing common concerns, such as self-consciousness about fitness, weight or sporting ability.

Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) Shell Twilight Basketball programme have successfully recruited girls and young women through; having public launch events, where women and girls can meet coaches and see what an activity session looks like. They are offered personal follow-up from coaches and a dedicated Youth Development Coordinator. By encouraging existing participants to bring a friend and ongoing promotion across communities, using a variety of media with female friendly publicity all designed by girls involved in the programme.

On Saturday, girls from across Scotland arrived at Woodbank House in Aberdeen to tip off the first ever Shell Twilight Basketball Girls Tournament. The day comprised of thrilling basketball games and fun activities surrounding body image and self-esteem. The event provided a really positive environment for young girls to feel confident participating in sport, discussing their opinions around difficult topics and meeting other girls who share the same interests as they do.

Shell Twilight Basketball’s Programme Coordinator, Martyn Horsfield said; “It was fantastic to see so many girls interested and taking part in every element of the tournament. A lot of work went into making this tournament a success and the majority of that was taken on by our Shell Twilight Basketball Ambassadors. The Tournament could not have taken place without their brilliant attitude and hours of volunteering. They made it possible to offer the girls this opportunity and it’s clear that both the ambassadors and the girls participating, got a lot out of it.”

Shell’s Communications & Social Performance Advisor, John Raine commented on the initiative; “Shell Twilight Basketball is an exciting initiative that is making a real contribution to social inclusion by giving young people the opportunity to make a number of positive choices for their futures while having fun and learning vital skills. We are delighted to be able to work with Scottish Sports Futures, the Scottish Government and The Glasgow Rocks in delivering this programme”.

Amy who travelled to the event from Glasgow said: “It was great because the girls only games give us more confidence to become involved in mixed tournaments and games”

Shell Twilight Basketball is supported by title sponsors Shell and the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities, which takes funds recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into free activities and programmes for young people across Scotland as well as Children in Need.

For more information on Shell Twilight Basketball and all Scottish Sports Futures activity please visit our website