Young Ambassadors run a fantastic tournament. Watch the slam dunk videos!

Shell Twilight Basketball hosted a large tournament at the Glasgow Emirates Arena recently, and it was all arranged by the next generation of sports leaders; the Shell Twilight Basketball Young Ambassadors.

The young ambassador programme, supported by Children in Need, provides continuous guidance combined with a first-hand experience of leadership in sport.

Participants from several locations in Glasgow and Fife traveled to meet old friends and enjoy a day of competition in world class facilities. The day started with a three point competition with one member from each of the nine teams nominated for the responsibility. All participants were given great support throughout by the other teams and there was some fantastic skills throughout.

Before the main tournament in the afternoon which was a fine exhibition of determination, athleticism and teamwork, the teams were asked to nominate a player to enter the long-awaited Slam Dunk competition. This was a spectacle to behold and would need to be seen, and fortunately for you we got some of the clips on video! Please check out the Slam Dunk video on our Youtube channel.

Thank you to all involved on a great day, and a special thanks to the Young Ambassadors for creating such a welcoming and well-run event.