SSF Wellbeing

Wellbeing Workshops

We are currently running a series of Wellbeing workshops, open to young people aged 11-25.

These workshops are designed to give young people a better understanding of how beneficial physical activity and sport can be for their Mental Health.

You can see a full list of workshops here.

In our next workshops we are looking at Anxiety. Come prepared for some light physical activity & fun!

Workshop Details

Anxiety Workshop Tuesday 14th July

10:30am – 12pm

Anxiety Workshop Wednesday 15th July

3.30pm – 5pm

Anxiety Workshop Thursday 16th July

7:30pm – 9pm

All you need is yourself, something comfortable to wear, some space & something to watch on – phone/laptop/pc/tablet. You will receive a certificate once you have completed the workshop 🏅 We are so excited to share our learning with you!

Group bookings can be made out with the scheduled public workshops. If this is something you are interested in for the young people in your communities, please get in touch with Steph.

We look forward to seeing you. 🤩